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About Us

Things Technologies was founded by Mr. Mangi Tshikomba in 2015 in Johannesburg. It exists to lead the disruption of education in Africa. Education has not been embracing technology in how people learn and the modus operandi has been the same for decades.

It is the only industry where people and governments are willing to pay higher and higher for same product.The real cost has gone up by 400% since 1980 after inflation. The world needs an alternate system.

As a technology company we happen to also love building cool websites and helping small businesses go online. In today's world every business, small or large, should have an online presence.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team passionate about technology and helping others to leverage tech for growth in their businesses. We aim to blow your mind with our service. We are also learning new tricks everyday.

You can also feel free to browser our portfolio for some of the great work done for our clients.

Our Core Values

We are loyal to our clients.
We are bold and want to solve the most challenging problems faced by society.

Our Expertise

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Our Team